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INCUS brings you knowledge and experience necessary to compete aggressively within the complexity of health care reimbursement. We can expertly help you manage reimbursement in all areas including Medicare and Medicaid, managed care, commercial payors, workers' compensation and private pay. With each program, we use proven techniques to analyze and monitor reimbursement, and make specific changes designed to isolate problems within your payor mix and create solutions for optimal and accurate revenue realization.

INCUS managed care experience and expertise lies in fine-tuning operations to extract maximum benefit from the variety of managed care contracting mechanisms. We help you customize documentation and billing procedures to maximize the economic effectiveness of physician and hospital based operations within capitation agreements, fee schedules and various formularies. INCUS goes further with in-depth analysis of the A/R adjudication process, looking for inappropriate discounting and unauthorized "silent PPO" activity.

We are also skilled in the managed care negotiation process, looking at the broad proposals and the isolated CPT, ICD-9 and DRG product and modifier reimbursements against operating costs. We have successfully assisted hospitals and practices in the negotiation process and in advising when a proposal is no longer profitable, and where there may be opportunity to improve rates and conditions.

We also bring a strong compliance background to create methods for assessing high risk billing activities and assure safe, compliant billing practices without sacrificing revenues. Our reimbursement teams are able to review coding practices to identify opportunities for better reimbursement through more accurate documentation. We can also develop credentialing packets for Medicare, Medicaid and managed care providers.

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