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Experience with hundreds of physician practices.

Helping physicians and institutions to significantly improve the operations and financial performance of their Physician Practices is the core business of The INCUS Group. Whether the Practice is owned by the Physicians or by a hospital, a medical school or by a foundation, The INCUS Group has years of day-to-day experience with bringing many additional dollars into the practice by changing your office processes, monitoring your central or outsourced billing company, coaching your physician and management leaders, developing revised operational plans for your office, and if requested providing interim management during the change process.

INCUS has been asked to determine for private and for faculty practices:

  • How much more revenue the practice should be getting from the quantity and type of work the physicians are performing?

  • How well the practice is being managed for high performance? And if the right staff and management are available, are they trained and functioning at levels that will assure maximized patient satisfaction and revenue?

  • Do the Physicians and managers have the reporting templates and tools to manage this business on a daily and weekly basis?

  • Can the teaching and supervision model(s) used be improved to benefit the teaching, the patient service and the economics of the practice?

INCUS has been asked to do the following for private and for faculty practices:

  • Collect hundreds of thousands - even millions - of additional dollars from the work being done by the physicians.

  • Manage the change process for a practice for a 3-4 month implementation period.

  • Recruit and train skilled managers for a practice, and/or coach existing managers.

  • Identify prospective physicians and/or Department chairs and develop with them an affordable business model and recruiting package that both they and the organization or the practice can afford and will accept.

  • Work with physicians to change and improve their charge capture and billing habits, through technology and education.

  • Fix the operational problems that continually cause frustration among physicians and patients.

  • Act as the business partner for a Department Chairman or Program Director, while developing business plans and models to realize their vision. .

  • Develop recruiting processes to retain house staff.

  • Teach practice management sessions for Residents and Faculty.

INCUS has experience in the key management areas crucial to your success, including:

  • Evaluate and recommend the best technology systems to work in your practice environment.

  • Development and implementation of systems for better charge capture, reconciliation, and reimbursement, combined with monitoring billing activity for compliance while identifying opportunities to increase your revenues and cash collections;

  • General accounts receivable management, focused on reducing A/R days, increasing time-of-service collections and minimizing bad debt;

  • Increasing departmental productivity via better scheduling, reduction of non-productive time, fine-tuning the configuration of equipment and technology, and staff-managed compliance with appropriate standards;

  • Maximizing effective use of physician time through the use of physician extenders, and where applicable, managing reimbursement for such intermediate level providers;

  • Developing strategic relationships whereby increasing department volumes;

  • Development of new centers and programs, managing the process from conceptual framework through regulatory, organizational and community approvals, program implementation and operations management

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