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We have the experience and know-how to create accurate feasibility studies across all dimensions of your health care programming. Our understanding of various product lines, coupled with knowledge of revenue streams, variable cost elements and fixed cost structures allow us to help you create realistic and useful models for program planning. We have created economic models for professional practices that involve practice mergers, additional physician capacity, managed care contracts and new service development. For hospital programs, we have developed models for managed care contracting, hard asset purchases, new program development and new property development.

Even the best economic models are useless without a sound market-based strategy. Our experience base allows us to provide you with insightful and practical strategic plans for growth. Our teams can help you identify and/or validate opportunities for new programs and products and assist you in achieving them through accurate modeling and operational planning. Our experience includes development of new programs across the continuum of care, from primary and preventative services, through acute surgical and diagnostic programs, and into post-acute care and long-term acute care.

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