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Why NOW?
This effort allows us to help you rapidly and thoroughly convey goals and implement change across a large network of sites, physicians and practices.

Six to eight poignant practice management seminars will transfer knowledge and skills and coordinate activities across departments and sites, for those areas of change that will make the most impact upon the organization. During this three-month period, The INCUS Practice Management Academy will customize formal education, on a timely schedule, to help your key senior faculty physician(s), executive(s), and/or administrative leaders and staff succeed with rapid achievement of the organizational, operational, and/or financial opportunities identified through the INCUS Group Practice Assessment. Within the INCUS Practice Management Academy your organizations' key goals and operational needs are brought to the forefront of discussions on the imperative for rapid change. Faculty leaders will learn and begin to lead the implementation of insights, best practices, processes and tools for stellar results and the continuous improvement of performance, prominence, competitive advantage and profit in the delivery of high-quality patient care.

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