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Why NOW?

Keeping focused on Implementation.

The INCUS Group brings you an operations-focused, healthcare consulting team with a track record of achieving results for its clients. Each INCUS consultant's prominence has come from extensive, hands-on experience in one or more specific healthcare management disciplines and/or from successful service in a senior health management capacity. Typical consulting firms bring smart but operationally inexperienced people to bear on your objectives. These consultants may "know what" to do but seldom do they "know how" to do it.

We not only know the issues- we know the people. So when we make recommendations- we're positioned to have them implemented. The challenges of today's health care sector demand not just answers, but implemented solutions that work. INCUS has a unique and proven ability to work with clients to rapidly, yet thoroughly define and implement such solutions across a broad spectrum of healthcare management areas and institutional models.


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