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Why NOW?

Working with Lead Physicians, Practice Managers, Department Administrators and Medical Center Administration we have been able to:

  • Improve Faculty Retention & Practice Operating Margins with targeted reorganization.

  • Resolve Institutional Overhead Allocation issues to reduce the burden on practices.

  • Resolve Institutional Issues of Fairness regarding the level of institutional support for Programs Required of the Department or Service that do not have adequate clinical revenue sources.

  • Develop and Incorporate New Patient Sources to enhance volume and payor mix for resident experience and practice viability.

  • Improve Practice Workflow and Operations to increase Patient and Physician Satisfaction and new patient referrals.

  • Link the Front Desk operations with the Billing Office operations to reduce errors, rejections and un-billable activities and to increase cash coming into the practice by over $1.5 Million per year!

  • Supply On-Site Coaches and/or Interim practice management experts (at all levels) to train the leaders and staff, and to implement needed changes within a 2-3 month window.

  • Work with Institutional Human Resources personnel and Union Leadership to resolve long standing problems over work rules and assignments, thus permitting a more effective practice operation from a patient, physician and cost perspective.

  • Rapidly focus a large number and a wide variety of practices and physicians on the key objectives and changes that need to be made in order to seriously improve financial performance and patient satisfaction. We develop focused curriculum and material and teach faculty, management and staff through a customized Clinical Practice Management Academy. This insures the rapid knowledge transfer of best practices and implementation of resulting practice enhancements specific to each key leader's challenges and opportunities. It condenses comprehensive practice improvement timelines from multiple years to six months.

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