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Why NOW?

Working with a key team of physicians, department chairmen and administrators we have been able to:

  • Reduce subsidies by "Deconstructing" the Organizational and Personnel Practices and Policies that are driving significant losses and needs for subsidy-and recommend changes that will work.

  • Improve Financial Performance by over $3 million dollars annually, by Coaching and contract practice managing (on an interim basis) to teach skills and knowledge to those with day-to-day responsibility for the practices.

  • Assist & Recruit Key Chairmen, Section Heads and Prominent Faculty, including developing a business plan with the key prospect that was accepted as "reasonable" by both parties and used as a future template to measure success.

  • Determine why certain practices don't function effectively and why they receive so many complaints. And we have been able to fix many of these practices.

  • Assist the Department Chair or key administrative person to understand how to analyze the various businesses within their department, providing a roadmap to making changes that will improve the overall financial performance of the department by over $2 million dollars.

  • Rapidly focus a large number and a wide variety of practices and physicians on the key objectives and changes that need to be made in order to seriously improve financial performance and patient satisfaction. We develop focused curriculum and material and teach faculty, management and staff through a customized Clinical Practice Management Academy. This insures the rapid knowledge transfer of best practices and implementation of resulting practice enhancements specific to each key leader's challenges and opportunities. It condenses comprehensive practice improvement timelines from multiple years to six months.

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