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Why NOW?

Working with the CBO Director and Staff, Practice Billing Office Management and Staff or outside Billing Service we have been able to:

  • Teach the Staff how to Collect More Quickly and More Effectively, reducing outstanding receivables over 150 days and bringing in more cash than ever before.

  • Reduce the Cost of Collecting Cash by tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Review Actual Write-Offs for accuracy and appropriateness: Discover & Eliminate errors, finding 25% Error Rates and Rebilling to Add Cash of $100,000.

  • Change Insurance Verification Processes to increase first time acceptance of claims by 50%.

  • Analyze EOB Data to prioritize the implementation of changes in front office processes, coding and back office follow-up, providing additional Annual Cash Increases of $300,000.

  • Provide exceptional INCUS personnel to supplement and work along side existing staff on specific groups of accounts for 3-4 months, bringing in $400,000 of Additional Cash.

  • Take responsibility for working the entire receivable on the practice's existing billing system to permit the implementation of a new system without the complications of either transferring the data to the new system, or having your staff try to operate two separate systems. The results, no drop off in cash flows during implementation.

  • Bridge the Gap between the Front Office practice personnel and the Back Office billing and collections personnel through a thorough review of unbilled and edit back-log data, and the implementation of revised procedures and daily controls. The result, serious increases in cash, reduction in rebilling efforts, reduction in the cost of collections.

  • Rapidly focus a large number and a wide variety of practices and physicians on the key objectives and changes that need to be made in order to seriously improve financial performance and patient satisfaction. We develop focused curriculum and material and teach faculty, management and staff through a customized Clinical Practice Management Academy. This insures the rapid knowledge transfer of best practices and implementation of resulting practice enhancements specific to each key leader's challenges and opportunities. It condenses comprehensive practice improvement timelines from multiple years to six months.

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