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Why NOW?

Working with Physician Directors, Key Practicing Physicians, the Practice Manager and Chief Nurse, we have been able to:

  • Develop Dean/Chair approved business plans & recruit key physician leaders and their team generating a 100% increase in departmental clinical patient volume;

  • Improve Financial Performance of faculty and resident practices by $700,000 by adding much needed patient base and working with various departments to share coverage/supervision, patients and expenses

  • Improve Medical Records Availability from 70% to 98% through a clinic organizational assessment project

  • Improve Patient Acceptance and Utilization of clinic by 40% through modified supervision, coverage and teaching models

  • Improve Hospital Payments for faculty services by hundreds of thousands of dollars through analysis of issues and discussions with Hospital and Medical School personnel

  • Correct Annual Overhead Charges by $200,000 through analysis of issues and leading the negotiations between Hospital and Medical School leadership

  • Establish and grow profitable feeder practices in outlying communities for primary and specialty care

  • Rapidly focus a large number and a wide variety of practices and physicians on the key objectives and changes that need to be made in order to seriously improve financial performance and patient satisfaction. We develop focused curriculum and material and teach faculty, management and staff through a customized Clinical Practice Management Academy. This insures the rapid knowledge transfer of best practices and implementation of resulting practice enhancements specific to each key leader's challenges and opportunities. It condenses comprehensive practice improvement timelines from multiple years to six months.

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