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Why NOW?

Working with Physician Leadership, Practice Management and both inside and outside billing departments we have been able to:

  • Add $2 Million per year in cash from thorough Front and Back-End Revenue Cycle engagements

  • Reduce Operating Overhead by $75,000 per year through an assignment to match compatible physicians who would share expenses

  • Reduce the cost of adding new business and physicians by $100,000 by evaluating and coaching management and staff talent; Enable Lead physician and Manager to make organizational changes to care for many more patients with the same dollar cost of staff

  • Collect $400,000 of Older Receivables in three months by providing and managing a temporary on-site team to focus on the 180 Day Bucket

  • Improve Annual Collections by $300,000 by evaluating the outside billing service and assisting the physicians in the evaluation of billing company performance on a monthly, a weekly and a daily basis

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