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Why NOW?

Physician Practice Improvements, Delivered Quickly and Efficiently!

Why potential clients contact The INCUS Group:

  1. To quickly bring significant additional practice revenue to the bottom line. (The Advisory Board Company says FROM 10-25% OF ADDITIONAL PROFIT is being "left-on-the table")

  2. To have help finding the keys to offsetting some of the rapidly rising operating costs, like malpractice insurance, without creating serious problems delivering clinical care.

  3. To have a seasoned team that can spend the time generating opportunities for practice consolidation, practice acquisition and everyday practice improvement.

  4. To have the assistance of on-site help to quickly turn older and contested receivables into real cash.

  5. To have a "hands on team" they can call on to get the practice out of the habit of continually building up unbilled and/or uncollected accounts.

  6. To have a review process in place to assure the practice that whether they rely on an internal or external billing service, the physicians are being paid what they are entitled to be paid.

  7. To have the resources to identify, evaluate and take full advantage of the opportunities for profitable practice growth their market is presenting. Including recruiting the patients of retiring colleagues in the community.

  8. To have an experienced team that can help the client inspire the loyalty of those stakeholders integral to success- physicians, staff, referring providers and most importantly, patients.

  9. To enjoy the significant and lasting results the INCUS Group has already delivered to their colleagues:

How The INCUS Group Delivers Physician Practice Solutions, Quickly and Effectively!

Reasons to engage The INCUS Group:

  • Our People
    …. have successfully solved many of the same problems you are facing and have achieved many of the same goals that you desire. And we've done it directly as "hands-on" management for practice operations, clinical services and billing/ collection departments with prominent medical groups.

  • Our Approach
    …utilizes a "grass-roots" methodology with innovative recommendations from proven insights. Our methods and tools assure rapid and thorough improvement implementation in practice performance, profitability and prominence.

  • Our Partnership
    … shares your leaderships' commitment to your practice's success. We will share the risk/reward for our joint achievement of mutually agreed measures defining the successful completion of your project.

  • Our Rates
    … pass our low overhead to you in the form of significantly lower total project costs including lower consultant bill rates. Your return-on-investment is substantial. You cannot get our level of expertise or our level of results for less.

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